What’s it going to take?

I write for a living as you all know by now. I work from the comfort or discomfort of my home. I have an Autistic toddler than I work around. Therapy is taking up an increasing amount of time and the time that I have to work is rapidly decreasing. The fact that lately the only thing I can manage to start and finish are blog postings isn’t helping.

Every word that I write seems to be trash lately. I have even considered going back to work in the real world and placing her in daycare. The added expense is something that I’m afraid would be too much at this time. The last time I had a child in full time day care it was $70 a week, that’s approximately $280 a month that I don’t have right now. I’m seriously considering an additional preschool however since the one she’s at is only a half day two days a week.

I’m not sure but I think figuring out just how to budget my time to make sure I’m covering expenses after the divorce is going to take some time.