Changing approaches and learning something new

I give up. I’m changing my approach to work and learning something new. I’m trying my hand at writing news articles and learning to use third person which is rather difficult for me since I prefer to feel as if I am talking to someone instead of at them.

If I figured it right I currently have $21 for Christmas for three kids and a birthday present for one. I get an unexpected payday this month which will give me $30, I need to keep approximately $15 of that for gas just in case. I have no idea what to get any of them I just know whatever it is won’t be expensive.

I decided to use Swagbucks for all my searches. I’m using the SB’s to get $5 gift cards for The goal is to save them up until October possibly November of 2011 and use them to help covers the kids gifts.

The bills are increasing next month so my work schedule is going to be even more hectic. Sadly enough I’m thinking of cutting back therapy to make up for the income decreases since gas prices are on the rise. Well, I’m not getting any work done rambling here so I’m going now.

Recovering from Thanksgiving

Theresa and I went to my mothers for Thanksgiving. It was rather interesting, I drank a few wine coolers, smirnoff ice to be exact and some crown royal. The alcohol was good but I don’t really remember the food except for the desert I should have skipped until the next day. Alcohol and chocolate don’t mix well.

Theresa had fun with Matthew and Colby. She was just as hyperactive and loud as they were. We had to put a barrier up in front of the television so that she couldn’t touch it though. She likes to hit the screens and that’s not good especially with the new lighter television sets. They seem to be rather breakable with small hands involved.

Well, I slept Friday most of the day like I was promised that I could. Now it’s Saturday and I’m exhausted still. I wanted to rest all weekend long but I have a nice destroyed house to clean. So far this morning I’ve hung up a load of laundry that I had to rewash in the back bedroom. I didn’t feel like going outside since there is a bit of a chill in the air.

Wednesday when hubby got paid he got $45 and I got $45 I still have mine. He used his to buy a few things we need for the house, very few and he should have more money left than he does but of course he bought a couple things that he wanted that were not in the budget at all. Now I have to get gas in the car and the rest of what we need out of my $45. It’s not going to last until he gets paid again. I’m hoping one day he’ll understand that the bills are more than we’re making at the moment. The holidays reduce his hours and this part still hasn’t sunk into him.

Sadly enough at this point I’m just hoping my tax returns are enough to last a couple months. He won’t have a paycheck through the summer. They draw unemployment and that won’t be a whole lot. My main source of ad revenue is at just over $74 for the month so far. That’s a good thing but it’s not enough and I didn’t have much in upfront payments. I’ll figure out the girls Christmas though.’ve decided that from now on my Swagbucks are going for $5 Amazon gift cards. As long as I’m careful and leave them there I can probably get enough of them to fund next years Christmas and birthdays. That doesn’t do much good this year but I can also get a few things we need if I’m careful with them during the year. I have to buy cat food Monday, then I’ll have to buy another bag in two weeks. Two cats outside need twice the food as when they were inside. We have a Opossum eating the cat food.

Looks like what I thought was the simple task of getting Theresa’s father to put together the car seat is yet another task I have to do. I wonder now just how many times he’s done this in the last four years. Oh well, I’ll eventually do it. On the bright side 33 gallons of tea is only $2.00 plus the sugar if we switch brands. Back to work I have two more blogs to update today and I actually intend to do it this time.