Increasing Prices Call for More Creative Savings

Prices are going up at an alarming rate and my income is decreasing at just as an alarming rate. I have no idea how to keep up. I have a number of things that costs can be cut on. Theresa is small enough that she can wear diapers instead of pull-ups at night for less money each month. The cost of her supplements is about ridiculous. I’ve decided to do articles about each one of them individually and the uses when it comes to Autism. That’s going to take a little bit of work but that’s fine too.

My daily work schedule is getting increasingly hectic. There is a ton of housework to do and I have found that I’ve grown to like TLC’s Sister Wives show a great deal. I’m not sure why but the sister wives and all those children seem to make life a bit more fun. How do you manage to spend as many as 16 years with three wives when most marriages today end in divorce? It’s fun to watch how they all manage to work through the issues. The best part is that none of them have to spend 24 hours a day with the husband. Well, in my opinion that’s the best part.

OK it’s time to start working for the day. I have a budgeting editorial and need to begin the supplement articles.