Restful weekend with a talkative child

Well, part of the weekend was peaceful. Thursday morning I had a rather painful injury to my eye that just got worse as I took Theresa to her appointments that just happened to be scheduled for that bright and sunny afternoon. My eye got increasingly painful so I cancelled the next days appointments went home and made hubby call to get me a doctor’s appointment.

Hubby called into work so he could take me to my 9 a.m. appointment and ended up calling in for the afternoon to take care of me. We went to leave and Theresa pushed her daddy back into the house saying “Bye-bye see you later” and closed the door in his face to go out with me. She didn’t protest to get in the car instead of the truck but she was confused when her daddy got into drive. As we headed out and stopped at the store so he could get me some sunglasses and have his back she looked even more confused.

Theresa was being her usual adorable self at the eye doctor, she charmed a group of older ladies in less than five minutes. I of course was filling out paper work half blind while she did this and her father pretended to watch her so well that I had to run her down after she went out the automatic doors. $50 upfront for new patients without insurance. I got my eyes numbed to check the pressure, an eye test without my glasses in the dark and waited forever for the doctor to shine a light in my eye. My cornea was scratched. I got an antibiotic and they called in a prescription that the pharmacy didn’t have and I figured that since the doctor said I didn’t need it I’d do without it. The end of the visit found me giving them nearly $45 more and scheduling a follow up for tomorrow.

Well, hubby took us home and went to get us lunch, took him forever and he had to go back out to get my prescription. Next time I’ll call first to make sure it’s there. The first time he was gone Theresa was a little angel, then she turned into a toddler. She was fairly good most of the weekend although there was a short time that she made me wonder whose bright idea toddlers were.

Theresa loves to hear people say “ouch” so she hits and says “ouch’ hoping you’ll echo it. It might be cute if her favorite place to hit people wasn’t directly in the eye. Of course since she’s tiny and cute her aim is perfect and you never suspect until she’s already nailed you. It’s painful enough on a good day but try it with an injury.

In spite of her hyperactivity this weekend she’s been talking up a storm using complete sentences for requesting. Well, I’ll take that and I’m kind of glad she can aim although I prefer she not kick me in the eye again. OK it’s time to hang the laundry out. Yes I know it’s the middle of the night but my dryer doesn’t work and I forgot my towels were soaking I don’t want them to disappear.