I began my day by finding that I had a revision request for a rewrite that I did yesterday. Seems it was too much like a rewrite which is what they asked for. Apparently they wanted a new article completely. What is it with people and not saying what they freaking mean?

So this morning I’ve done that revision still waiting on word about that $7 and had a short $1.50 article that took about five minutes if that to write accepted already. That’s a strange way to start the day but I guess either they’ll accept my rewrite as it was resubmitted or I’ll turn it into a new article can sell it myself somewhere else. The whole thought of spending hours trying to figure out what to write is irritating in itself.

My break will come during therapy this afternoon as I read “Thinking in Pictures” while I watch the therapist. At the moment the fact that I need a new roof I can’t afford would be clear as I feel water from the ceiling fan. Fortunately turning it off seems to solve that issue. I should have a payment from Textbroker in the next few days that will cover pull-ups for nights and school. I may use it to buy a few more training pants with the plastic to protect the furniture. Just another pack to put off the amount of time between washings and save a bit of electricity, as it is I’ll be washing them tonight so ensure that there is enough for tomorrow and Friday. We’ll be gone this afternoon and in cloth the entire time as well as tomorrow afternoon. It’s speeding up potty training and saving me a small fortune on pull-ups. I have some regular underwear for her that I might put on her to see if the prettier ones make a difference for her, if they do then I’ll start using them too. I just hope I don’t run out of old towels for the floor.

OK I’m off to see if I can do some more work and check my Amazon gift card balance.