Weeks Almost Over

OK it’s Thursday again which means that the week is almost over for us and since the little one was sick yesterday it’s been a shorter week than I thought it was going to be. I have managed to do some work this week but I’m not sure that it’s enough. I have no idea what else to do I know that I have to go through and find the things that we’re going to get rid of.

We have tons of clothes that are too small or too big for us. Then there are the ones that are worn out almost completely that I need to cut into cleaning rags. I have to replace the furniture in the living room so I’m thinking that the least I can do is throw out the chair that’s worn completely out then I’ll be able to walk around it better and know just how much space I’ll need in a new living room. I thought a long time about replacing this place but without a co-signer I’m stuck and I don’t want the responsibility of cutting grass in 100 degree heat.

I also don’t want to keep spending almost $4 a gallon on gas to get into town when I could move and walk to a store in town. Well, it’s time to get back to work so I’ll be going for now. Wish us luck with the move, we’ve got to save, save, save and save some more to make it happen.