More to Do, UGGH

OK I was up late (until nearly 4a.m.) working on a project last night because I could not focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Somewhere in between the kid being in four half days of preschool, going to five days of therapy (one of which has three sessions) and working for a living we have to do math.

Now this would not irritate me except for the fact that people haven’t bothered to listen to find out what she’s already been over, and has known. This is important in determining if it’s a skill she hasn’t developed or one that she forgot. (Vital for my child.) I also get irritated when other people begin sentences with the words…..”I want her to be able to _________.” This would irritate me for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to the upcoming school year and the goals THEY have for her.

  1. I never wanted her in the public school system here, if not for her need to learn socialization skills she would not be there now.
  2. I would prefer to home school my child as the chances are better that she actually sees something that is at her skill level without having to wait because she’s not in that grade yet, and her weaknesses would get one on one attention in ways she can understand and strengthen them.
  3. Habits I can not tolerate would not be reinforced, and no one would be there to teach her things that only get her in trouble when she comes home.
  4. It is not THEIR place to set goal for my child without consulting me to ensure they coincide with MY LIFETIME goals for my child.

Oh heavens, I feel a rant coming on and I’m too tired to keep the obscenities out of it.