2012 is Finally Here

This all feels a bit familiar. I began my day by sleeping in, to my surprise I was up until nearly Midnight last night. I slept in as a result, when I woke up I felt like I had the world’s largest hangover. When I passed the little person’s room and tried to tell her I’d be right with her she didn’t go for it. Instead she yells “Mommy, ready to get up. Mommy time for get up.”

I managed to get her to eat breakfast, macaroni and cheese, her choice and she ate two plates, she’s eating her third now. Funny since she picked she ate all of it. I managed to get her settled in for the morning, well what was left of it.

I boiled some water for my dishes, the hot water leaks so it is cut off in the kitchen. I don’t care to have the floor to rot so I boil the water. When I got a stack of dishes in the sink in need of rinsing I sent little one’s father outside to cut the water on since it had went off all together. I managed to get rinse water for dishes and get a couple clothes in soak before it went off again.

This year promises to be interesting and I’m already finding that my math was off for my budget but that’s fine to. A few minutes of silence tonight and I can redo it. In the meantime I have my earrings on and I even did my eye makeup. I don’t have what I need to do all my make-up but I prefer my eyes to be done so the rest can wait. I have lipstick in the event I leave the house but it’s rather expensive so it is reserved for the days I really feel like it. I guess I could go make my own. I’ve done that for years and I have some old blush or is it eye shadow to use up?

Either way have a happy and enjoyable 2012. I’m off to do some mindless things to start my year off more relaxed than last year started.