Tomorrow’s gonna be interesting

OK we’re under a Winter Storm Warning so the schools in the area are closed tomorrow. Theresa’s speech therapist lives in Florida and I do believe the roads coming in from Florida are closed. Well, she may take 231, and I don’t think it’s made the closed list yet still I’d prefer she stays safe.

There are road closing everywhere and I really don’t like cold weather. The thought of the cold has made me shiver all day and now as the possibility of icy rain, sleet, snow etc gets nearer I find that not only is my tooth ache worse but I’m developing a soar throat. I’ve found more drafts in the last couple hours that I have in the last ten years. It has to be the fact we’re getting extremely cold weather that makes me notice these things.

Theresa has decided that she would rather dump her food out and eat off the floor it seems. I know that food she’s fighting clean up of was in a bowl when I gave it to her. OK little bit is now in bed with no protest. I’m kind of scared….little kids are a bit of a mystery to me at times.

I’m hoping that I’ll have power in the morning since without it I don’t have running water and forgot to get emergency bottles of water just in case of well emergency. I’ll be putting them on the grocery list for the next trip. A gallon each per day figure maximum of three days, not including water needed to bath.

OK I’m exhausted and trying to find something to write about before bed, since there isn’t any school tomorrow I can stay up late working. My cell phone battery is fully charged for once!