Held hostage by cartoons and other useless items

Well, I’ve decided that I’m just giving up on having a vacation in this life. It seems that I’m always broke come time to take a vacation and even the most basic of plans end up being cancelled because something comes up. I can’t stand it. Oh well, that’s life.

Yesterday our speech therapist was out taking care of her son because he was sick. Well, she went to work this morning just to be called away to go pick him up because he was sick again. She did manage to get the green form I left for her yesterday so I picked that up. Tomorrow when I drop Theresa off for those four hours I’m going to pick up her progress reports from the speech therapist. That made me realize that I didn’t ask the ABA therapist for the copy of the ABLLs chart. Oh well, I’ll get it after the holiday.

At the moment I’m stuck on an article so that page is open below this one as I think about what I’m going to write next. I did some thinking about the budget. I have figured out that I have to focus on earning $44 for two phone bills and $100 for gas for my truck each month. That’s in addition to the other bills. Add at least $40 for pull-ups and that’s $184.00 that I have to earn. I have a feeling that’s not all of what I’ve got to earn. Actually I know it’s not.

The two week vacation that was cut down to a week has now cut down to so few days it’s like not having one at all. Since I have some work to do during the holiday I might as well just wait until the next time the kids are out of school to figure out what I’ll be doing and if I get a vacation anytime soon. Never mind the fact I haven’t had one in four years. I think I’m over due since I don’t get a day off.

Oh well, I’ll be going back to work now. I found the next thought for my article and some work I can do while I write it.