Strange Move

OK I decided that since everyone else was at WordPress and I had was having trouble remembering to go to blogger each day I’d move too. Now if I can just figure out how to move Weebly over here. I have spent time transitioning this year so one more won’t make much of a difference to me. I can bounce around and land on my feet.

Once I get everything moved over here I’ll be in one spot for once. I think I can focus on one blog, my book and my articles without losing my mind. OK I’m off to check on the import status of my three blogger blogs and rearrange things a bit. I also need to make sure I can get to the blogs I follow easily from here.

Wondering about this and that…..

First I’m wondering why Firefox won’t display all the images that I need it to. I still haven’t figured out where to go in order to get it to display everything it’s supposed to. I’m wondering if I should have just done the original blog as Odds and Ends and made pages out of the other two. Sounds silly to have that dawn on me now. I wonder if I can merge the three? Probably not because each one is supposed to focus on something.

One is to focus on family and writing, one on work and savings and this one. Well, this one is to let my mind wander off. You know I’ve noticed that updating them each and everyday is sometimes easier said than done. I also noticed that I don’t know where I put the list of blogs I’m following so others can click to read them if they want.

I know January will see changes to my Internet at least. I’m opting for the one that’s half of what this one is when it’s not on special. I have to make some changes to the television service too. Problem. The only change takes away the “On Demand” which saves a small fortune in movie rentals and buying videos for the kid to decide she doesn’t like them in a day or so. It also keeps me from stepping on DVD’s that she’s broken.

I just realized it’s been at least a year since I watched any of the movies on tape around here. Well, if we cut the cable off I’m sure I will but probably not. I’m thinking that I should go through them and take the ones I want to a safe place away from toddler hands. I’m looking for a smaller portable alternative to the bulky VHS and DVD that are everywhere here. Stacks and stacks of things I like at one time, watched a few dozen times and got bored of.

Well, it’s only 7 at night and I’m exhausted. The weather report if for overnight thunder storms and I want to be asleep for those. I also want to be out of this trailer and on the ground soon. I’m afraid that I’ll never be on the ground again though. Ten years ago the plan was to build a house beside where this sits and have this moved out. Actually, it’s been eleven years now and I’m no closer than I was then. Oh well, I’ll think of something. At this point I’m willing to help lay the foundation and learn to frame to get it done. I can do all the painting inside myself as long as no one’s around to distract me or I’m not in a hurry.

Well, that’s it for today.