OK I’m stalled in the middle of a project. What was originally 15 rewrites turned into 20 no problem. Problem, I have the first ten complete and they have yet to send the last ten. What is going on? I have no idea. My other regular client apparently does not realize a week has already passed or she is still adjusting to the new school year. I got invited to bid on a job but the buyer has only posted seven and three of those are in dispute. I can’t find a suitable sample so I’ll have to write one out real quick if I decide to pursue this opportunity but I can’t afford for it to be in dispute I need the money so I’m considering declining the invitation and just write some of my own things.

I have a dollar in my savings and my bills are more than normal for October but somehow I’ll manage. I do believe that I still have time to be all right provide I keep working steadily. I recently deactivated my Facebook account for a while so that I would not be so distracted which is about to kill me. I never realized how dependent I was on that interaction during the work day. I will working on updating blogs today and writing a few articles of my own while I clean my house. I seem to have a lot to do.