Figuring It Out

Well, my computer would need a processing fan. The good news is that in the meantime it has not overheated again. I have managed to get some work done in the time that I have had it back. I prefer to work online but I have been working offline for the most part. I think I need a new keyboard, or I just want one since all my keys are sticking.

I think I got my new budget figured out but I’m not completely sure. I still need to buy Theresa’s supplements that are running low. The first of the month I bought the vitamin D drops that were right at $26. I lowered my phone bill and am only paid $10 which of course I hit something that opened a web  browser and cost myself some money. OOPS. That will not happen again. I am merely going to make phone calls from now on.

I got the new light bill budget amount this month.$245 which was a bit of shock but not unexpected. I have to bring that down the next year. I think if I block off part of the house I can manage that fairly easily. There is one room used just for storage and hanging clothes so I’ll start there. I have to come up with the money for my divorce before we end up with a legal issue that would be rather difficult to explain.

Well, I have to go get my laundry out of the machine so I’m going to go now.

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