Long Break Over, Sorta

Well, after a long break I would be back to my blogs. I have made a few posts on the others that were vaguely relevant to the names but now I would be attempting to once again maintain the four as I work. I got a surprise last night that made me laugh so hard tears came to my eyes. It was a nice change.

Every Friday night finds me reading Friday Follies as Red opens “the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere” to see what kinds of hate mail the week brought her. Well, this week I got a special treat and she made an exception to posting hate mail meant for readers of M3. That made my night and made me laugh so hard I abandoned all attempts at work.

Now I’m going to spend my Saturday attempting to make up for it by finishing at least one of the things I was supposed to do yesterday and getting a few of the articles for this project done. Well, once I stop reading over at M3 long enough to focus.

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  1. I knew you would get a good laugh out of it. Not everyone would have been such a sport 😉

    • It totally made my night. I’m still laughing every time I think about it. That’s gonna make for an interesting work day.


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