Tired Very Tired

Routine Annoys Me. It makes me rather tired actually. We do the same things day in and day out. I’m tired of it. I’m also rather tired of people. While I like all of our therapists there are days when I don’t think they fully understand. Well, not all just one. I know that they forget I work for a living since my schedule is one I set myself to allow for changing the therapy schedule as needed.

My back problems I know it never occurs to one that I may have as I try not to have to stoop over with my arms full to pull my child up from whatever she is doing so we can go. I’ve been tempted to have a shirts made for all occasions.

The reason we do not play tug-away with the child “I have a bad back, if you will pay my doctor bill I will be glad to simply pull her up and play tug of war as she tries to escape.”

“Stooping with twenty pounds worth of stuff, put me in severe pain”

“MY child MY way, go enforce your beliefs with YOUR child”

hmmmmm, that list could be longer but I’m not in the mood to elaborate right now. I am tired of therapy, therapists and people in general. I am also tired of having to work around appointments. I have tried taking work with me, I would need to tell one of our therapist that I would need advanced notice to go back and sit with her during the session b/c the book I am reading is not for pleasure but to review. Therapy is the only quiet time I would have to read it.

Simple Would Be Best. Yes, simplifying things would be best for me. Along this journey with Autism the one thing that I have noticed is that like having a typical child (which I do) no one ever bothers to ask what your beliefs are before doing things. That is not limited to having an Autistic child, I experienced the same thing when my oldest was little. In fact I have always experienced it in every aspect of life.

There are days when the lack of respect for my beliefs and the assumption that they would be the same as those imposing theirs on me makes me believe it should be automatic execution to impose beliefs on others without so much as the courtesy to ask what they would believe.

OK ranting was not my intention so I’ll be going. I’ll pick this up when I’m not in too much pain to focus.

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  1. Right there with you. Had more than my fill of appointments and those meddling dowagers who believe (since they were apparently in on all the recent research…from the 50s) my children are merely misbehaving. I give loads of advice, but I only volunteer it when a child is in danger.

    And give the therapist what for. I loathe the “professionals” whose time is so much more valuable than mine. I routinely tell them where to step off. I have stopped going to doctors who think it is appropriate for patients to wait in excess of an hour for a ten minute appointment.

    Take no prisoners 😉


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