Yuck. Yes it’s Monday. I spent this morning cleaning my yard. Lovely. I have $50 worth of metals to haul. A lot of it was supposed to be done away with years ago and there is more to go. It can wait I am tired and my back hurts. I’ll get to it when I get to it. I did notice I need organizing bins for it all.

Yes, bins to organize my recycling so the rain doesn’t get into it. I also need some rain barrel things with the hoses attached to them. OK I’m tired so this is short and sweet.

I noticed that the posts I attempted to schedule in advance were all delivered on the days that I wrote them. So I”m going to try this one more time. This should post now and hopefully I can schedule some later. I’m exhausted and I have a lot in my head I just want it’s posting to spread out.

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  1. I hope you work the scheduler out 🙂 I like to see you are using tags now. Make some things easier to find. Get some rest. You deserve it!


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