It is Sunday and after getting a bit frustrated this week with all that I have to do I decided that today would be peaceful. Tonight is reserved for “Once Upon A Time” and I plan to knock off from everything when it comes on. There is always something to do but I do deserve time to rest.

It’s strange I don’t watch television that much; it’s usually on for the noise of it. There are three maybe four shows that I watch regularly at night now. “NCIS,” “One Tree Hill,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” and “Once Upon A Time.” OK that’s five shows at night that I take time to stop what I’m doing and pay attention to. Funny when “OUAT” first came on I wasn’t interested then I sat down to watch it. I found myself enjoying it.

I have to find more time to read, I have finished reading two books since last summer. I still have to go back and read them again. I enjoyed them but I have the feeling that I missed something in them. I also started reading a book about polygamy about a year ago and still need to finish reading it so I decided to dedicate Sunday mainly to resting.

I figure I owe myself the luxury of at least being able to read a few minutes at night before bed. Since the Kindle app is on my computer that means stopping what I’m doing a few minutes early to read a page or two until I finish the books I have on it. It appears to be a while before I can get a kindle so it’ll do.

Have a nice day!

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  1. I need to add about 18 more hours to my day so I can finish reading the books I already have and to finish the afghan I started for Bear. He never comes here, so I feel safe admitting I do not have it finished 🙂


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