Thursday was almost productive

Thursday was spent cleaning house, it was time to get rid of things that were broken or no longer wanted. I have to do some repairs and the first place I think I’ll start is the wall by the dryer. It hasn’t worked in a while, needs an element…..I think. Anyway since it’s not working anyway I’m pulling it out and seeing what needs fixing around it. Figure it’s easier to start in areas that are being emptied anyway. I think I’ll find someone that wants the thing since it’s annoying the daylights out of me sitting there and taking up space.

I won’t however be doing anything that requires cutting boards just yet. It would seem someone that isn’t very bright sold MY skill saw. Well, apparently I handled that news better than I thought because I did not get a set of metal bracelets. This is good, the problems is now instead of focusing on the materials I need versus the materials I have on hand I have to hunt down a saw. I would have just needed the work table thingy with the clamps to hold the boards in place, now I start over. I think I’ll take the manual labor route and get a hand saw to go through them. No one will bother with that since no one does manual labor anymore. UGGH.

The light bill will be ready to view the 25th and I’ll know how using space heaters instead of the central unit have affected the bill. I know that the old return needs ripping out but I can’t put anything down where the big gap in the floor will be without the ability to cut boards. I’m thinking boarding it over and then covering that with flooring will do nicely. The water heater is beside it and my bedroom closet on the other side so I would have a small closet in my kitchen. A closet that my last husband was supposed to make when he replaced the original unit and built a new return for it; good thing I didn’t hold my breath.

I did get a look at it though and the duct work that was feeding it fell off so taking care of that so it’s sealed and not feeding it or blowing out underneath should help the air function better. I’ll continue to throw out things that are broken or no longer useful. Once I put them by the road someone will get them. Someone with more patience than I have for fixing them will put them to use.

Well, I have a lot to do so I’ll be going. I need someone to wave a magic wand and find siding for idiots; then there is one rotten spot that I have no idea how to fix, the location makes it a bit difficult to tend to but I’ll figure it out if I have to board it up and brick it over. Ok so it won’t match the rest of the place but I don’t’ really care at this point, I just want it fixed, the cosmetic part can come when I get patience for something other than taking care of the short blond kid.

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