I managed to finish my project last night after all. I’m rather happy about that, I never thought I would. It wasn’t difficult to do just not what I’m used to doing. Oh well, now I have a little bit of time to do things I want to do for me while the client looks over the articles to ensure that she doesn’t require any edits to be done.

While they take a look at the articles to determine if they are correct and I wait for funds to be released I am in the yard working. That is when the weather allows. There are still boards to have hauled off from the porch being rebuilt. Actually I need something to put them on to get them to the road; the man that built my porch died before he got to cleanup. I think I can handle that part myself.

We didn’t have OT today; little bit went to every other week. Funny thing is the child she was supposed to be rotating the day with didn’t show up. The therapist thought about the fact we were there anyway after the fact and realized that she could have seen her since they didn’t show up. Oh well, instead of a half hour OT little bit got a half hour to play during which time she discovered the joys of pine straw, read books and hugged a strange child. No the child was not strange only a stranger to her.

While we were gone the first half of the payment for the project I just did were released. That is a good thing, I starting to run low on pull-ups and this obscenely priced gasoline to get the kid to therapy.



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