New Year’s Eve

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions once again. I won’t be making any this year, they annoy me to no end. I prefer to go through my day without telling myself what I did wrong.

So far the New Year is promising to be costly. Of all the things that I can put off until later, my well is not one of them. It would be in need of a new tank, and that means I get to rearrange my financial plans for the year. My emergency fund gets top priority, then the divorce and the new car. The tank even with installation is cheaper than hooking up to the city water line. First I’d have to buy a meter then I’d have to run pipes. I don’t particularly feel like taking a shovel and digging trenches to lay them in, so we deal with the water shutting off even after the circuit thingy was replaced.

There is a lot to do during the year that is coming up. The new tank for the well means that I get to re-figure my finances for the year to come. I am still working out the budget for next year.

I’ll also be getting my eye exam at some point since I’m a bit over due on it. I would be off to research my new interest. It’s rather important that I do so Have a good day and a Happy New Year.

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