One Appointment and Housework

OK the OT is working and we have a 9a.m. appointment. I’m not looking forward to it but I know little one needs to go back to some sort of structured therapy. I could use this last day of vacation but I wasn’t thinking when the therapist called and agreed to go in today.

Housework and No paying Work

The agenda calls for housework and not actual paying work today. Yesterday I was surprised to find that the feet on kid’s sleepers came cleaner when I hand washed them they have out of my washing machine in months. I don’t particularly enjoy the possibility of having to wash all my clothes by hand but that would be easier than dragging it all to the laundromat. My water keeps shutting off and there is not any way to figure out what’s wrong with it without time to think.

I feel like a housewife again, and I never cared for that feeling. I’m not sure why but there is something about that title. Or maybe it’s the prejudgments and assumptions that go with it. I do not feel the need to pick up behind grown men so that makes me a sloppy housekeeper while in reality they should be able to perform basic functions of cleaning for themselves.

Now it’s time to go find more cleaning and some mindless things to clear my head. I need to fill in my appointment book but that can wait.

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  1. I know I hate the word because the though of been married to my house was always distasteful. (Cue mental image of wedding gown and arm-in-window shot at altar.) 😛


  2. LMFAO! I love the image!


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