Vacation is Almost Over

Almost back to routine

There are only a few days left of our vacation and I am rather sad to see it end. Friday we have an appointment at the health department, I do not look forward to it. It could just be me but I have always found them to be a bit offensive. The 2nd of January we have an appointment for little ones five year check up. She will be having her vitamin D levels checked again. We also go back to therapy that afternoon. The 5th little one goes back to school one day and doesn’t return until the following Monday.

Why make lists?

I make list because it makes my life easier but what good does it do to make lists for others when they don’t bother read them. Or is it that they can’t read? My child’s grandparents would make me wonder about their senses sometimes. I am still trying to figure out how 12-24 piece puzzles translate to a 46 piece 3 foot puzzle that she hasn’t gotten to yet. To little bit’s credit she got far less frustrated at it than I did. Sitting in the floor with the pieces that are bigger than my hand trying to match them to the Disney princess they belong to gave me the biggest headache and of course it is what she asked for first thing. There is not enough coffee for someone with extra weight to sit in the floor and go “does this go there” a few dozen times as tiny hands refuse to turn pieces to see if they’ll go another way. My visual child refused to even glance at the box for the picture instead relying on her memory of how it should look when finished. Problem is puzzles never resemble the picture before half done.


Is it time to return to forced structured therapy we have the “HWT” workbooks to copy pages from (thanks to last Christmas or the year before). I purchased homework helpers Kindergarten level for “Letters and Writing” and First Words” so she can write on the lines like they do with the tablets so she can trace the letters. The tablets are still on my list, I’m wondering if I can’t print them out from my printer. That reminds me I would need to stock up on ink cartridges and refill ink since you can only refill them so many times.

Well, I have some work to do and a child to coral to a table to do structured learning. She learns best when she can move but the school system insists that children sit down to prevent teachers from pulling there hair out. I would be a bit sad that at the end of this school year we will no longer have preschool teacher. I adore the preschool teacher. Her daughter has Downs syndrome, this woman always smiles, never raises her voice and never lets words children should not learn escape her lips. Strangely enough I’m told she’s always like that and that is not simply her teacher personality. I will miss her because she knows that even though she is a special education teacher her students have endless possibilities but are just in need of a little extra attention and guidance to bring it out of them.

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  1. We have those same puzzles. They love them, hard-headed solution or otherwise.

    Lists keep you in line for not losing your sanity as a matter of practice. Although, some days, I do put “Lose your mind” on the list so I feel justified.

    Yes, you can print them. I will look for a link for you.

    And yes, cherish her. I wish I had any here to cherish.

    Oh, and by the way, something for you…

    • I’m glad my child isn’t the only one that wants those puzzles designed to give parents headaches. I’d love a link to the printables, hunting down printables can be hair pulling.



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