Peaceful is the only way to describe today even though I was woken up by the unmistakable sound of thunder. It would seem I slept through the worse part though and for that I am glad. My nerves can not stand being awake during the worse of the storms.

Little one has yet to open her presents, she hasn’t even figured out what she wants for breakfast yet. Instead she yelled for me “mommy, mommy time to get up” and when I got her out of her crib she went straight to a book after her morning “thank you mommy.” After reading a book or two and putting together her latest puzzle she is not playing with one of her electronic toys to find letter sounds.

I’m not even irritated that my water has once again shut itself off in the middle of my laundry and before I can do the dishes. I will simply wait until her father gets here to fix it to finish and we will once again attempt to figure out what is wrong with it and I’ll start figuring out how big of a dent in my wallet an electrician is going to take to fix it permanently in the event that it is electrical.


I’m still not sure if this was an insult or intended as a complement. Then again it could have been just to irritate me. I gained this lovely title as I was toting buckets of water from one bathroom to the other. (Between the two of them I have one fully functional bathroom). I’d love two fully functional bathrooms but there are some more pressing repairs to be done at the moment that I apparently get to do redneck style. Heavens help me and thank heavens for paint so maybe in a few years no one will notice. At the moment there is no running water until my child’s father gets home so I will be suffering through that until he gets back from his errand.

No Heat

It is 65 degrees in here according to my thermostat and the heat is off. It doesn’t feel that chilly and I’m sure the thermostat is off a bit. I am not turning the heat on again until someone tells me what is wrong with it for sure. It should not kick off and refuse to come back on before the desired temperature is reached. Of course the duct work should not be falling off under the place either, and the skirting is long gone. That might not bother me except for the people that would tell me to replace it as if it never dawned on them that if I had the money to spend a few thousand dollars on duct work or the money for skirting that blew off during storms it would have been done already.

The only heat in the house at the moment comes from a small ceramic heater that would be reserved for the bathroom to warm it up for baths. It’s bringing back memories of my childhood and the electric heater that sat under the sink to warm the bathroom for me to get ready for school in the mornings. I can remember sitting on the floor with my back against the door in front of the heater to warm up before I ever attempted to get in the shower, I can also remember getting in trouble for leaving the water running so long. I had a habit of using steam from the shower to get the room hotter. I don’t like being cold and I was a child.

I have to do something for the air in the summer, that may be the first goal to go with my new car.

What do I need in a car? 

I need something with less than 100,000 miles, I have rough on vehicles. I know I can’t afford one under warranty. I’d like the tires to be fairly new. Ok so that’s knit picky but really I don’t have money for tires right now. I would love it to need nothing more than a minor tune up and not be on a recall list for something life threatening. I’d love it if it got at least 30 miles to the gallon.

OK I have to go condense more things that are half used to make room for things I may actually need.

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  1. Pieces parts for the bathroom I totally get. Reminds me I really must do something about the leak in the children’s bath. *sigh* So much to do but so much less than you! I hope Little Angel LOVES her birthday afternoon cake 😉

    • Little Angel just forced me to help her with a 46 piece three foot puzzle. Remind me to thank her Nanna. Although little bit didn’t get nearly as frustrated as I thought and so far there is no tantrum.


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