Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve, just what will today bring? Presents opened and too much food eaten or is that tomorrow? Today would be ideal to open presents since the 27th (two days after Christmas) is the youngest birthday. She’ll be opening again.

I’m glad and not glad that my kids birthdays are in December. They each get two separate days but the past few years the gifts have gotten to be fewer and fewer on each day. I’m hoping they take it as an opportunity to learn that there are more important things in life.

Oh, well. It is now time to go see what the day will hold.

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  1. I think if mine had DEC birthdays that close, I would do the present thing on Christmas Eve. Obviously, I have a thing for October…I have three born in July and one in August. 😉

    Merry Christmas, Laurie!

    • Yeah, I timed it great. They’re a December 13 and a December 27, 7 years and two weeks apart. Less than two weeks before Christmas and two days after Christmas.

      Merry Christmas Red!

  2. Big V and Middle V are eight years and one day apart. BV thought it would be cool to have the baby on her birthday. I explained what is cool at 8 will be revolting @ 15. Within three years, she thanked me for giving MV her own day.

    Kiss those babies for me and have a terrific Christmas!


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