Friends are Better than Lovers Any Day

No I’m not crazy.

Friends are better than lovers, at least in my life. I keep friends longer than lovers. I always have, proving that at least for me lovers come and go easily while I’ve had my closest friends for years. Lovers will judge you at some point if that is all they ever were to you but a true friend will never judge you, only offer you a shoulder or a shove when you need it.

I Don’t Date Friends

Never have, it only leads to bad things. Friends that date friends lose friends. There is a point when the relationships get damaged so badly there is no returning to the friend point. Angry words, hurtful actions and resentment take you to the point of no return. No matter how much you might want to turn a friend into a lover it is a bad idea when you have the urge to fight for your relationship long after it is over.

Divorce Coming Soon

Now I am working on my third divorce. We have been married in name only for a while and remain friends. How long with that last? No one knows but we’re trying it. This is going to be fun. The fees are the biggest obstacle at this point.

Single Life

I’m writing about the single life in an effort to see just how much the rules have changed in the last few years. I am not sure I’m liking what I am finding but I think I can deal with it. Sex and dating is the topic of the first article.

Anyone have an opinion on sex and the first date? How long do you wait before you allow sex to enter a relationship?? 

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  1. This is as individual as underwear. Ultimately, it comes down to chemistry and an understanding of what sex on the first date means to you both. For instance, if for you sex OTFD means you are beginning a love affair and to him it means the relationship is going to be a physical affair, you are headed for disaster.

    If you are both honest about wanting to have sex, but not assigning any emotional capital to it until you get to know each other well enough to decide if you want more than a physical relationship, you are likely to be the friends with benefits which can lead to a much stronger relationship.

    And if that made no sense, kick me in the comment box and I will try your native tongue…I am really tired.


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