Sunday Finally

One Week Left 

There is one week left before Christmas vacation. Theresa will be out of school from the 19th (Monday start of school week) until the 5th of January. That is on a Thursday and means she will go to school one day and have a three day weekend from school. Nice and confusing for my little routine oriented child I’ll bet.

The week of the 19th I think it might be possible to have therapy those first three days. Provided the therapists we see those first three days have enough kids. We’ll only have speech and ABA because our OT will be out until the 30th when they will schedule appointments for the kids that want to come in and make up lost time. Theresa will be mad if out therapists that live in the next state do not have enough kids to make that drive up here. I’m hoping that they do.

There are still bills to pay.

I have two bills left to pay this month but I have enough for one of them right now. I’m working on earning the money for the second since it is a rather small amount. I have a couple things that need to be purchased for Theresa.

Having said that I have to get back to work. My book has been resting waiting for me to clear my head so I could edit it. I began a new article for myself last night and I’m waiting for changes in terms to be accepted so I can get paid for a test project. I also have to work on figuring out the budget for next month. I’ve got some promotions to do that are easier if I automate them and check in on them regularly than doing each one by hand.

Plans for the Afternoon

I also have some housework to do before our ride gets here to pick us up. Theresa is going to be surprised but I have a feeling the surprise will make her very happy in the end. I’m know that I’m excited about it.


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