Bidding on Projects

Attempting to Go Back to A Regular Stream of Work

This morning I searched Elance and found a small project to bid on. It’s fairly short and I know I can do so I bid. I have to find more to bid on because putting in a bid is not a guarantee but that’s fine too. I intend to bid on as many projects as I can sanely handle at once with a small child in tow. I am going to write a few of my own things while I wait for word on the projects that I bid on.


My dear Theresa is obsessed with which is a good thing until I am trying to work. When we get all the finances straight to take care of me and her I am going to see about replacing my computer, moving my files to portable or online storage and giving her my computer. She does not need the key covers to use the touch pad to play the educational games at the site. She’s getting better at working it to match the cards and find the objects.


UGGH!! At the moment I have less than $40 to my name after the incident with the broken key and have yet to replace to the two empty supplement bottles on my counter. That’s not even enough to cover both of them, and might get one if I can find it without shipping, it is higher at the pharmacy. I have two bills left to pay. My Internet I need to work so if I have to choose it will be paid, or rather a smaller plan paid for so I can work some. The first of the month I will pay next month’s bills. The light bill is paid. All $245 of it that is on the budget billing plan. I’m wondering now that it is just the two of us and we can move into one room during the day to be comfortable if I can not take it off the budget billing and be all right. So far it is $148 under budget which will help when the settle up bill comes due if we can continue the trend.


While I have no intention of fixing everything that is wrong, I can not afford to I do have to figure out what I can repair myself. The repairs total more than I have and if I figured them correctly provided I can come up with it then replacing the entire thing is more sensible. I think me and the little one would do fine with something smaller. I once saw a house for rent for only $200 a month in town. I could rent it and save some money to buy what I want. I think I could anyway.


I have to notify SSI that her father moved out so I no longer have to send in his check stubs to verify our monthly income is still below the guidelines for her monthly allotment to be sent to her.


This is going to be tricky as I am stuck on the opposite side of town from therapy and am school is down town. I need to send a note with the little one to have her put on the bus Wednesday afternoon. I have no way to pick her up from school. There is no one with a car that I can borrow  right now. They either only have one or have not been able to repair the spare they have so they are stuck like I am.


Do I risk putting her in daycare? She needs socialization but there are special skills required for these precious babies. Yes, I realize the irony of being broke and creating bills.

Any ideas?? I’m at a loss as what to do other than to bid and write away, I think I can nap an hour while she’s at school each day. I’m going to need a nap if I go back to long nights to meet deadlines like I did when I first started this, it’s different when they sleep during the day though. 

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