It’s Always Hardest at the Beginning of the End

Divorce is never easy.

This is the third husband, so I am well aware of this by now. My papers are on the way, just a few details and they will be ready to sign and file. I have no idea how I’m paying the filing fee now but that’s ok too. I’m working on an e-book (totally unrelated) but I think that it’s a big step.

Avoiding the “real world”

I have not been outside the house to work since a few months before my youngest daughter was born. She turns five this year, so that’s over five years now. And I am determined not to go back to it just yet. She is Autistic so we spend five days a week in therapy. This means that someone has to take her and it is doing her a world of good. I have been working as a freelance writer for the most part. Recently, well since her diagnosis I cut back a great deal and at the moment the only work I have is what I create for myself.

Hollow Inside

This morning I feel nothing but hollow inside. That is all. I have work to do now.

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  1. I have been there. As a matter of fact, I have a bench named after me. When the days like this come, take ten minutes to just love her. She is the real reason why you do what you do. And you know, in her own quirky way, she knows it, feels it, lives it.

    Life is far too short to come up empty. If all else fails, pick up the tele and call me and we can laugh about the inanity of it all.

  2. Like this post just seems weird here, but I want you to know I support you.

    <<<Do you know how to convert categories to tags? Would save a bootful of load time for your page.


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