Multitasking means something gets forgotten

Why do we insist on doing a million things at once?

Easy, everyday we are bombarded with images of unrealistic situations where people run around and do everything in an hour. Monday morning I managed get my laundry down to fold before I had to get my child up and send her directly to the bathtub. We managed to make it quick despite the fact she’d live in the tub if she could. Then we managed somehow to get her dressed and she even ate despite being programmed to walk out the door the minute her shoes were on. Of course she picked out her brown coat with the leopard print on the cuffs, pockets and in the hood. Then true to form I have to brush her hair standing beside the road, never mind the fact that it’s freezing cold and sprinkling rain. The first thing she did was step deliberately into the water puddle I had just carried her over and went to school with a wet shoe. By the time the bus got to us I was holding her in my coat because the wind was cutting through me.

Nothing was accomplished while she was at school. 

I did a load of laundry consisting of random clothes,  another load with her comforter and yet another with her blanket and pillows. I managed to do the dishes and drink two pots of coffee. Then I spent the day starting a hub I have yet to finish and attempting to find the number for the clerks office to verify my filing fees. Whether or not testimony can be written or has to be given before the judge is something else I need to know.  There is no one competent enough to watch my child. This could be an issue.

I still need to verify my filing fees and it’s like the clerks office number is hiding from me.

It’ll be all right.

I know it’ll work out. I’ll get it filed and get my Rodeo replaced without something smaller that my nerves aren’t too shot to drive. I also forgot to call someone to come out and see if they could fix my well. I needed to price having a manual pump put in too, just in case….OK I need to work now, but I will be back later to ramble on some more.


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