Long Weekend Ahead

I was up until almost 1a.m. and as a result didn’t wake up until after 9a.m. this morning. That’s 7 hours of sleep, and I still feel as if my eyes are not going to stay open. Of course I’ve only been up an hour and a half so far. The coffee is getting cold faster than I can drink it. I got some things done yesterday that were rather productive.

I wrote a couple of things yesterday. I even published one. I am now making it a point to once again include links in my writing to items that I have already published. I need to increase traffic and once again gain exposure. That means I am editing some older things to bring them up to where they should be. I would be once again going back to private clients.

I would need some things that I can not afford in my typical budget which makes obtaining them other ways vital. By other ways I mean by increasing my work load to the point that not only are my expenses covered by my savings account is reopened. I have a book in mind, and if I can find the file I can get back to it.

I have to have $50 to reopen it and I am determined not to sell anything off to do so. I am also determined to turn this house into a one television household. That way I can still watch the shows I want to watch without taking time out of working to do it. Eventually I’d like to get rid of the television again all together however. I’m not sure why but I would. Days seem longer without one, or maybe not watching television just makes me more productive. Not that I watch much I usually listen to music on my computer while I work.

Well, speaking of work I might as well get back to it. I intend to be up just as late tonight and hopefully more productive than I was last night when it came to working.

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