Broke as Broke Can Be

Well, all the bills except for a couple are paid. I have the money for two of them and will have the money for part of the other as soon as I get paid. I have no idea how in the world to get by until then. I have yet to finish my last project, I have five more rewrites to do on it that I do not have the material for. The client was sick in the middle and offered to release the funds before I finished I should of made it clear that was fine with me but I do believe I was distracted.

At the moment I would be going back and forth between updating my blogs and promoting my writing. I have some old articles that require updating so I’ll be doing that in hopes of finding a new angle on them to write new material from when the kid goes to school.

The 6th my soon to be ex-husbands check from the day he worked his new job will hit the bank. Next Friday provided I don’t forget to request it I should get a small payout from Text Broker, the new weekly pay day will work well for me provided I can pay attention long enough to make it each week. The cost of everything is going up and it helps with a day or two or travel expenses for therapy or getting the baby a snack for the days she doesn’t have time to sit down and eat her lunch.

I’m already thinking about the kid’s Christmas and birthdays. It’s going to be a tight budget this year but then again it is every year. I need to replace my Rodeo and pay for the divorce. This is going to be fun, I still have no idea how to figure out all of this stuff. I just wish that I could afford to move right now but I can’t so I’m stuck with my soon to be ex and wondering if we’re going to be able to get a divorce in time for the holidays.

I have to take him back off my savings account as soon as they deposit his check so that he can not take money out of it. I need to save some so we can move and stuff. I’m tired of being broke and I have the nagging feeling that without him I won’t be nearly as broke as I am. It’s as if he’s drug me down with him over the years and I just can’t take it anymore. I don’t need everything that I see but I do need to meet basic needs without someone whining that they can’t do what ever they want when they should know we can’t afford it.

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