It’s Sort of Falls Into Place

Things are finally starting to fall into place to get my finances back on track. My nerves are another story but at the moment I have steady work which is good. At the rate I’m going since the deadlines were set farther out than I should need in reality on purpose I am right on track to finish up nice and early. My soon to be ex-husband finally got a job he’s been wanting for a long time now and it should take a great deal of stress off me. That is once the bank takes the money that he owes them. I’m glad that will be taken care of.

He still has to call the hospital about the bill that came in from the emergency room visit he had a while back but that’s not my problem. The car loan is less than $125 to pay off, my Internet bill is paid and the money for my phone bill is where it needs to be. No idea about his but mine is good to go. Now to keep working so that the light bill is paid next month. I had to add him to my savings account so that he could have his check direct deposited into the account. I’m wondering just how long it will be before we get everything paid off and caught up. I am running short on time but somehow I think that it’s all going to work out.

A couple new tires would be nice but they have to be gotten before the end of the year and that’s an expense that I dread. I also have to pay the auto insurance this month, it renews in November and I’m hoping to have the full six months then so that I don’t have to deal with it every month.

Well, it’s after six now and I got to run get a shower. The kid is awake but playing in her crib so I’m going to let her until I absolutely have to get her up from school since that is her way of relaxing before she goes.

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