Back to Work after Just a Day Off

I would be back to work now after just a day off. I am in the process of attempting to find the peace and quiet required to write 20 articles that I have two weeks to do. It should not take that long but I have other responsibilities as well so it just might. I also have a project to do ten more coming that should be set up by this afternoon and no idea how long I have to do those in.

I only have the first five topics for the set of twenty so that’s good. I may not be thrilled with the topics at the moment, having a bit of trouble getting motivated to do them but I am thankful that I have a job. I need the money at the moment. I figure that with these two I’ll still be a bit short unless I manage to finish them in half the time to be able to do something else before the first of next month. I have a feeling that money is going to be tight for a while.

I’m also getting the feeling that the kids birthdays and Christmas are all going to be a bit slim this year. Oh, well something will happen to make it right for them. It always does. I am having second thoughts about a lot of things I need to take care of. Actually more like worrying that I will be able to take care of them at the moment. The baby would need her supplements refilled, the light bill is working on being outrageous and I would need to do something about my vehicle.

Well, I have a project already in motion and one I will have the details for shortly so I best be going.

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