I have a deadline of September 12th to finish up the last half of this project. I only have 12 left of the last 22 which is good and puts me ahead of schedule since I turned in the first half a couple of days early. My main problem is that I can not focus on these right now. The tropical storm came inland and we got the typical warnings and watches that result, the remains are still moving over us now. I’ve spent more time looking out the window than working.

I don’t know why but the storms make me nervous and I just stare out the window looking at the winds and the rain. The distraction from the storm was not a welcome one, I’m all ready distracted enough and can’t afford to be at the moment. Once again my savings account would be empty and I need to pay off a rather large additional expense next month. I also have to have money to finish making it through this month and more car repairs.

I would be in desperate need to replace my vehicle but I don’t see that happening before the end of the year unless there is a drastic change that occurs. I am under too much stress as it is and it adds to the problem. I am working as fast as I can as I hold onto a fantasy in order to keep my mind off of everything that is going on around me. I listen to music and try not to daydream as I work on my project in order to finish it early and get some other work done before the next one.

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