Will Today be Peaceful?

Saturday’s are a bit hectic since we never have weekend therapy and there is a ton I need to do. I need to find some work to do but it’s been slim lately. I’m it doesn’t stay this slim, I can’t go back to work outside the house yet it’s not possible to hold down a job, take Theresa to and from school and keep her therapy schedule at the intensity that it is now. I don’t know just how much it’s going to cost in gas each month to get her to school but I have a feeling if gas prices keep up at the rate they are I’ll be dropping a day or two of therapy to make up the difference.

I’ve decided that since Mturk takes so little time that I can do a hit or two there first thing in the morning and each evening before I go to bed. I plan to use that as a back up for gas money until I get everything else figured out. I want to move and actually I need to move, the cost of living where we are now is too high. I really need it to be lower and the city/town rather that I was born in has a lower cost of living. I actually like it better too.

The other day I ran into someone that I used to see weekly when our kids had therapy at the same time. She lives in the town I want to move to and said the cost of living is ridiculously cheap there. The land taxes are apparently very cheap too. I know the sales tax is less and she said they have speech therapy services there. I know what I have to come up with to move I just don’t know the cost associated with moving that far away since we’d definitely need larger vehicles and the ability to pay the bills for a few months without having to spend anything else but groceries and gas to run errands.

Costs to Move
Well, we’ll have to pay off the light bill here. The town I want to move to is in another county and I know for a fact it’s a different power company so I need to come up with a new deposit if we move there. They do budget billing as well. I know because I have a friend that lives there and does it. I have no idea how much Internet services are there or cable. I can live without cable a bit longer if it means I don’t have to live in this city anymore. I can’t stand it here never have been able to.

I need somewhere that takes pets. I have no idea what my aunt did with my grandmother’s place. I’d love to live there but I want a house and the last time I was out there a trailer had replaced the house. I have no idea why I want to go back there so badly but I do. I actually regret leaving it at all, could be that I was so busy dreaming about things I didn’t have I never realized just how happy I was there. Or could I just be dreaming about something that I remember wrong?

I hope today is peaceful but Gene is home so I’m sure it won’t be.

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