Setting New Goals

I’ve decided to set new goals for myself for all aspects of my life. Working, saving money and even the bills that I pay each month. I know I can lower them or at least I can tailor them to suit our needs a little bit better. Therapy and getting the kid to school have to fit into these goals since I work around them but that’s not that hard to do come to find out. I just have to get all my ducks in a row to see what’s going on.

Cash Back- While taking cash with me when I go shopping helps me save money it’s more convenient with a small child to use an option that lets you pay at the gas pump. Recently my bank offered cash back on gas purchases that I paid for using my debit card since that’s an expense I have regardless I decided that I would continue to my card for it and get money back. So far while it’s not a lot of money at only 5% back with a maximum of $10 per account but it’s still enough to buy some more gas in an emergency. So I’m continuing to look for cash back offers from the bank for places that I shop at anyway.

I’ve decided to go over my expenses and figure out just how much they are now. Then I have to figure out which ones I can reduce. I still have to figure out how to take care of moving expenses but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem when I have a little bit of time alone at night to figure it out once everyone is asleep. My first goal is to be able to take more time off so I can spend it with my baby girl.

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