Back to PHP We Go

Well Theresa was going to start Head Start but I had a change of heart. I was going to keep her home but I’ve decided to send her back to PHP instead. I can still home school here since she isn’t actually required to be at school yet and even when she is it’s only a four hour day. I think I can supplement her education to prepare her for Kindergarten in just two hours a day. We have that easily, it’ll just be broken up before school, after school, in the car and table time.

It’s not idea but with her special needs I’m going to have to take the tutor option whether I use the tutor option or umbrella school option. I found some things to work on her reading, coloring and pre-math skills. I’m still printing them out and putting them in a folder. The ones that the school sent are gone, the originals got used last week. I’m printing out some sheets that are similar to ones that her private speech therapist has already covered for reviewing. I’m going to find some she hasn’t seen yet too.

I don’t know why but nothing irritates me more than when someone else (not the speech therapist), acts as if she is the only one teaching the child anything at all. It’s irritating as hell. Well, I have an article to write, more pages to print and finances to figure out. Then I’m calling it a night I’m exhausted. I plan to go to bed and to sleep before one in the morning.

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