First Private Client in over a Year

I have decided that with recent events I have to take on my first private client in a year. I have a week from today to have all thirty of these articles complete and hopefully get paid a few days after. I can send them in smaller sets so I am really hoping that means I can get them approved as they are submitted.

I’m a bit paranoid that something will go wrong and I will miss my deadline or have the project cancelled in the middle. I have three more to finish of the first set of five that I intend to send off. After that they are broken up into two sets of ten and a set of five to finish them up. I suppose I could just do sets of five to keep my focus. These appear to be a bit harder than I thought but once I get into them I do believe my pay rate will compensate me.

OK I’ve got to get back to work. I also need to do the budget for the rest of the summer. I’m hoping that there are no more unexpected expenses that come up.

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