Increasing the Late Night Hours

As Summer Vacation begins I have come to realize that I will be increasing the amount of late night hours that I am working. There is a decrease in my income during the next two months that I must make up for so I will increasing the hours I work by using the coolest hours of the night to work. This means that I will be adjusting mine and Theresa’s sleep schedules. Rather I am hoping that she will agree to take a nap during the day so that I can also in order to be up working at night. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I have no choice.

I started a new site a while back in an effort to put everything in one place but that has yet to happen so I still go back and forth between three blogs and the site. I’m falling behind but now I only update the site most relevant to the post. Well, I think I do anyway. I’m ventured further out into publishing my own work instead of ghost writing. That isn’t to say I won’t return to ghost writing because I have to keep up with the bills.

I still haven’t figured out how to pay for the test that Theresa needs. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it before the school year begins. A grown man just told me that a 1/4 tank of gas is not enough for him to go put in job applications. What a crock. Oh well one day my child will be grown and he will be on his own. Divorces cost too much but I’m more than a little tempted to go pay for one of them at the moment. I just have to replace my vehicle first.

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