Reopened Savings Account

Well, I finally managed to reopen my savings account. The problem now is that I really need the money that is in it. I am trying to earn enough right now to make up for that $50 initial deposit that I can not access until the paper work gets here and gets send back in to them. I have to stop and buy pull-ups and baby wipes tomorrow afternoon because Theresa uses pull-ups at night. She isn’t to the point she sleeps in a regular bed yet so getting up to take herself potty in the middle of the night is kind of out of the question.

I have to buy multivitamins for her too. As soon as I get the money I’ll be buying her the chew-ables. I have $15 in gift cards at Amazon, now if I can just get enough to get the washable overnight underwear for Theresa I’ll save a small fortune on pull-ups. I need to buy at least three pair since from the reviews I’ve read that while they work well they take a long time to dry. I’m hoping that I can hang them on the line to dry and cut down on the drying time.

I’ll be glad when I can keep the laundry under control so I can wash it by hand. I’m thinking of getting another plunger specifically for the laundry so I can wash it in a bucket and cut down the electricity use in the house. It’ll use less water too. I just have to buy a ringer to go with it, then hang them outside unless I can get enough water out to hang them in the house.

Ok that’s about it for now so I’ll be going.

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