Saturday isn’t productive or restful yet

The weekend is supposed to be a time of rest after a long week of work but so far today has been neither productive or restful. I have spent the morning doing a little laundry and searching for something to write. I have not had any luck finding anything I could start immediately because I seem to be without words today. I saw some ideas but that was it. I will be attempting to get those written later today.

Tonight I will be attempting to add a new page to my website. I’m not sure that it’s going to go well. I also have to figure out what I did with the proofs for Head Start so that I can take them to the school and get everything in order for Theresa to hopefully go next year. She would be there four to five days a week. I’m wondering just how long the day would be then because they serve lunch as well as breakfast. I still have to figure out what to do this summer.

I would like to let Theresa go to daycare at least a couple days a week so that she can spend time with other children. I would love to get her out of the public school system here, I can’t believe some of the idiots there. I also can’t believe that I leave my child unattended with these people.

I need to go back to work outside the house. My problem I don’t have the clothes for interviews. I’m going to look through my closet and see what I can wear, then look through my makeup. I have to figure something out. My income is going down and I’d like a bit more financial stability than I have at the moment.

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