Four Articles in Progress,

At the moment I have four articles in progress and notes for a fifth. I’m doing research on a sixth. I think the sixth one will take a humorous angle though. I have some questions about the information that I found and it’s likely to be a long article that I have to break up into sections and possibly a second article.

I finally turned the air conditioner on and now it has to be manually adjusted in order to cut off. The thermostat isn’t right. I set the air at what I thought was 75 and it was 69 when I just adjusted the temperature so it’d shut off. It’s a bit chilly in here with all the fans going. I’d open the windows back up but the afternoon heat has been lasting a bit longer than I’d like to leave them open and remain comfortable.

The light bill will be available to view in the morning and I’m hoping that it’s not high. We’re $340.14 over budget at the moment and I’m hoping that came down some. Well, I have to get back to work we have to leave in about an hour and I’d really like to make progress on these articles today.

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