Thinking About Rising Gas Prices and Increasing My Work Load

The beginning of the summer saw changes to my work habits and approach. The biggest change was not taking private clients anymore. At the time it was a much needed and relaxing change that allowed me to focus on other things that had been neglected. I was planning to work less and get by with what I had on hand until I could get something I needed replaced or purchased. Well, it almost worked.

I managed to make it through the summer of 2010; money was tight but I managed. Now I’m facing summer of 2011 wondering if everything will be caught up in time to enjoy the summer. There have been changes in the payment methods of the various writing sites that I utilize to make a living in recent months which makes earning a living a bit more difficult. I can only imagine that the increased difficulty is caused by the fact that for me working from home was a way to do what I wanted when I wanted.

It’s been months since I wrote an article on how much work I would have to do in order to keep up with expenses. I managed to keep up with the expenses without working as much as I thought I’d have to. No, I did not find a magical solution. Instead I cut costs drastically by making more of a lot of the items that we use around the house each day. I’d played with making what I used in the past and even drastically removed chemical cleaners; the removal was more of a safety issue than a savings issue. I’m just not that comfortable with chemicals.

The cost of gas and the amount of work I’ve been able to accomplish lately means that there will not be any vacations this summer. The five days a week of therapy are going to be fun especially since we have to make it a point to run all errands between here and there. I have no idea what I’m going to do during extremely stormy weather since I prefer to be in a safer place for it but I’ll figure it out. I have a feeling that at least part of the yard will be cut with an old fashioned reel mower provided I ever find one.

I have no idea just how much more work I’m going to have to do each month to make it through but I’ll be working a lot more. I’ll continue to attempt bread making. The next time I won’t rush it though so that I come out with something resembling bread instead of a doughy center. I’m using Amazon gift cards to order a hand mixer so that it’s easier for me to use. I’m also going to get another hand held can opener b/c I hate electric can openers. And with that I lost my thought so I’ll be going now.
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