just saving a little money today

So far this year is not going anywhere near as well as I had hoped it would when it began. Although considering we began the year in debt I’m not all the sure why I’m surprised that it’s not going as I had hoped it would. The loans that were took out at the end of the year and the beginning of this year require less than $190 to pay off at last count; the problem they keep getting interest charges so while that my be the payoff now left alone it will be a lot higher and we’re running out of money before month. See a problem?

I know for a fact that my refund if we end up with one has been reduced because of an offset. Depending on the amount of the offset I still have to come up with money to cover six months of auto insurance, the overage on the budget billing and a few repairs to vehicles. Door handles on one, two oil changes so we know how long it’s been between them and an overall inspection of the front end on mine. Then I need to put some money away for tires.

I have found that eventually I’ll have to go back to private clients but I’m putting that off for as long as I can. I was thinking of starting a website but at the moment I’m just too unorganized. I’m doing a quick internet search of the topics I want to write on to see just how many results come up and thinking I’ll focus on the ones with the fewest results for now.

The only thing I know for sure is that at the moment I’m saving some money on the light bill. My heating and air have been off for the last few days. It’s been pleasant enough that if the windows are cracked at night it’s comfortable all day long. I’ve managed to get nearly all the laundry caught up because it’s been warm enough to hang them out and my clothes line holds three to four loads at a time. That’s all for now.

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