An Expense and Work Update

It’s not even 10am and I’m already tired. I just started drinking my second pot of coffee to ensure my daily dose of caffeine is gotten. I managed a load of training pants and put up the whites that I washed yesterday. I also have three article pages open right now to finish up for submission.

I managed one short and sweet news article this morning and didn’t see anything else that I wanted to write. I plan to finish up these three articles today and submit them for consideration to get upfront payments. I’ve gotten some ratings lately that were not what I would like because of careless errors so I’ll be focusing on my own writing to see if I can not correct these problems with punctuation that seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

I’ve got supplements to purchase. The L-Carnosine is $26, Complete Powder $35, Fish oil $62 (online) and I’m not sure what else we’re out of at the moment. I have to check her list. We’ll be needing $6 Magnesium Citrate soon. That comes to $129 plus whatever else we run out of in the next week.  I found the Complete Powder online for $60, I’ll only be buying that one if I run out of money and have that much in gift cards to purchase it with.

Last night I watched a video on making a gallon of homemade dishwashing liquid. I’ll post the link to the video as soon as I figure out how. I currently have four articles waiting to be reviewed that will help a great deal with gathering supplies again. I have two articles to finish up and another one in my head to put on paper. I’m trying to step up my efforts this month and get a decent payday that will keep us from running completely out of money before the end of the month.

OK I’m done rambling for the day and off to work again as soon as I hit publish on this.
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