Uggh, well I’ve been working but savings……….that’s another story

Well the 19th I will request payment from TB again. At this point I’ve gotten another $18.59 from when I requested the last payout I’m looking at getting between the 21st and 25th. That payment is set to be $28.25 without it. Together they come to $46.84 if I don’t manage to do anything else there this week. I hope to do a few more assignments before I hit the button again but the short fast assignments that I like aren’t there when I’m my computer the most so I’m trying to figure out when they are there.

I finally got payment from Helium last night. It’s a whole $34.14. That covers the next $21.80 phone bill with a little bit left over. I have found that I have no choice but to keep getting payouts there each month hopefully 2 times a month in order to cover my phone bills that come directly out of my paypal account.

I have a whole $2.31 at Bukisa from before they switched to google adsense.

My other half needs two outside door handles for his car. I have to make him understand that the $102 for a mechanic to do it’s not in the budget. (yes that includes the part.) He’s going to have to take the time to do it himself or do without a functioning door. That is if I can make him understand he’s going to have to order the part to see if it’s the right one then send it back if it’s not.

OK that’s all for today. Oh I got $5 in the mail in a survey over the weekend. That was the brightest spot of the three day weekend.

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