watching television

that’s what my weekend is going to be filled with. CMT is doing a weekend marathon of the “Dukes of Hazzard,” “Dallas” and “Green Acres” so that’s what I’m going to be doing. I can do that while I do the laundry, box up clothes that are too small and go through my kitchen to get rid of things that we don’t need anymore.

I’ve decided to attempt and spend some time at Text Broker. I think that the shorter articles of 100 to 150 words there could possibly be done within a half hour even with interruptions. I’m going to start on that in the morning, or late tonight depending on whether or not I turn on the pot of coffee I set up for in the morning. It’s just the right temperature that the windows are open so there isn’t any electricity being used by the heating/cooling unit.

I’d love it if my light bill would post so I could make sure of the due date. The mail doesn’t run again until Monday? is that right? I have plans to update my blogs over the weekend. The refill for my ink cartridge should be here in the next two weeks. hit the request payment button for $25 at Sidetick today, I can expect it in 15 business days. That’s not too bad it’ll come in toward the end of the month. My phone bill is due the 14th. I’ve got the money left for it. My minutes are continuing to roll over proving that while 400 minutes for $21.80 would be a good deal, I still need one with fewer roll over minutes so I don’t end up losing them in the end.

I’ve completely lost my thought so I’m gonna go away for now. I may write something else for today but I haven’t decided yet. That’s not the one I ordered but it’s close to the one I need next.

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