Earnings for last of December

OK I figured up my earnings for the rest of the month. I have $55.08 plus a little bit more ad revenue coming from Helium’s second payday. That’ll cover both phone bills with $11.48 left after they are paid. My balance at Sidetick is $30.56, I could request the $25 payout which is the lowest and have it the first few weeks of January.

I”m trying to wait until I have $200 to request payout at Sidetick; it’s the largest amount you can request at once. That means I have to earn another $170.44 to get a balance of $200. That’s the money for my tires, or at least most of it by the time I can get them bought. I have to get two oil changes after the first of the year so it’s time to start looking around for specials. I still have to have the antifreeze put in my radiator.

My auto insurance bill came in today due the 3rd. It can be there by the 16th and be fine, they’ll just send a cancellation notice. I know how much my light bill is thanks to budget billing but I don’t know when it’s due thanks to the holiday.

There are only four days left of my vacation. I’ve worked a few of them but mostly I took time off just because I never do.

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