Not looking Good

Well, I just called to cancel my pest control service because I can’t afford $33 a month anymore. My other half is off taking out a title loan. Not the best idea but we don’t have a choice, it’s the only way we can get a loan and I don’t want to overdraw my bank account. I need antifreeze for my truck and some in his car. My truck overheated this morning because apparently the thermostat was frozen shut. Theresa and I were on the way to a testing appointment for her which we’re still trying to reschedule. Nice huh?

As soon as the Doctor’s office calls me back I’m calling and reducing the cable and Internet since it’s a bundle. That way I keep my ability to work and some television channels since we need an outdoor antenna that the hook up seems to have disappeared to in order to watch television without cable. Gotta love the new digital signals, they cost more than they’re worth. I’m thinking downgrade the Internet to a slower speed and put the cable to expanded basic, limited basic is too basic to pay for just local channels. We’ll see as soon as I find the rate sheet.

OK I’m going now.

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