Only one thing eliminated so far

OK so I’ve been going over the budget and have found one item that we can eliminate so far. We can get rid of the pest control and buy the store solutions to prevent pests. That puts a whole $33 back into my budget. Not much but it’ll do. At least as a start. That $33 will buy approximately 3 packs of pull-ups a month until I can get Theresa potty trained.

A 55 cent bar of soap to wash dishes with saves approximately 45 cents before taxes are added. It’s not much but it’ll help. So far we have $33.45 less spent a month. I’m not making much progress here. Actually we’re up to $22.45 when you figure that we’ve been running short on pull-ups and using cloth at home lately to keep from running out and Theresa isn’t any closer to being potty trained than she was a year ago.

I have to find a prepaid option for my Internet so I can continue working and it can move with me. I have to cut off the cable completely and go back to the digital signal. That is provided I can find the wire to my outside antenna and then a small indoor antenna to watch television with so that we don’t do without television all together. We have a VCR and a DVD player that doesn’t have a remote so some disks don’t play right but I can watch DVD’s on my computer if I absolutely have to.

OK this has gone completely off topic so I’ll be back later.

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